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(Effective Date of July 1, 2015)


Health Plan of Nevada (HMO) - click to view
702-242-7300 or 1-800-777-1840
702-242-7300 or 1-800-777-1840
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Sierra Health and Life (POS) - click to view
702-242-7300 or 1-800-888-2264


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@YourService is an online member portal / member services center tool that members can register for and access 24/7.
HPN Members will be able to update their PCP selection which currently requires a call to Member Services.
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Don’t drive to the Clinic when you are sick, use the from HOME!!!
Enroll and use this link to be able to see a Doctor 24/7 from home on your computer or Smart Device.
You can also get the app from this site for your Smart Device. - click to view
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Guardian Life Insurance Policy Portability

While employed at LVMPD, you have a $30,000 life insurance policy with Guardian. We wanted you to know that with your retirement, resignation or termination of your employment, you may be able to “port over” (keep) this $30,000 life insurance policy.

In order to be eligible to port this policy over, you must provide proof of satisfactory insurability to Guardian. This is not a guaranteed issue policy and you may be subject to medical questions.

If you choose to proceed with a portable certificate of coverage, please contact 1-800-433-5982, Option 1 and ext. 5696 or email Please note: You have 31 days from your last date of employment to apply.

Individual Insurance Plan Information:

Those looking for an individual medical insurance policy are encouraged to go to the Brown & Brown website at and look for individual products. A representative from the Individual Policy Department will reach out and assist with questions / concerns / picking a product that fits your lifestyle / budget. Individuals may also call the main phone line at 702-259-3850 and ask for Veronica – but she will request all the information that the website requires.

Medicare Questions & Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies:

Those individuals with Medicare questions and/or looking for Medicare Supplemental insurance policies are encouraged to contact Len Barend at 702-361-1293.