President’s Message

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Executive Board

Carla Scott, President

Kelly Richter, Vice President

Shane Sayles, Secretary

Jason Begun, Treasurer

Executive Board

Carla Scott
President Carla Scott
Investigative Specialist
Kelly Richter
Vice President Kelly Richter
Detention Services Technician Supervisor
Shane Sayles
Secretary Shane Sayles
IT Supervisor
Jason Begun
Treasurer Jason Begun
Crime Analyst II

Board of Directors

  • Tracey Benson LEST - EOB/Armor
  • Carol Kramer CRO II - CCDC Control Room
  • John Melwak PSR - NWAC
  • Stephanie Roose Investigative Specialist - SIS
  • Erin Wittig SR LEST – CCDC Records


  • Jennifer Abel Communications Specialist I – Communications
  • Kathryn Aoyama Forensic Scientist II - Forensic Lab
  • Victoria Beauford SR LEST – CCAC
  • Victoria Blasi LEST Supervisor - DSD Records
  • Jerry Chanin Electronic Equipment Installer – Radio Shop
  • Tiffany Grammas Communications Specialist II - Communications
  • Latoya Green AA – CCDC North Tower
  • Elisa Ireland AA – Gang/Vice Bureau
  • Tanya Jackson LEST - OHR/Backgrounds
  • Michelle Kmetz IT Customer Support Specialist II – IT
  • Tiffany Knox LEST – Theft
  • Cynthia McConnell LEST – Laughlin
  • Curtis Mell Electronic Equipment Installer – Radio Shop
  • Sandi Milano Evidence Technician - Evidence Vault
  • Tia Morris AA – Major Violators/Narcotics
  • Lisa Randle LEST Supervisor – BAC
  • Sharrel Stewart Communications Specialist I - Communications
  • Cynthia Thompson SR LEST – EAC
  • Elizabeth Velasquez AA – HSCB
  • Danielle Wooten AA - IT
  • Bella Yourgules-Scholes Crime Prevention Specialist – EAC


  • Mike Snyder - Labor Relations Consultant
    Mike served as the Department's Labor Relations Director from November 1996 through November 2012. Prior to his appointment with Las Vegas Metro he served as a police officer, union business representative for an international union, and has served as a private consultant for all matters related to labor relations and human resources. Since Mike's retirement from Las Vegas Metro he served Miami/Dade County, Florida as a Director over employment relations, classification/compensation and benefits. Most recently, before his return to Southern Nevada, Mike served as the Human Resources Director for the City of Medford, Oregon with responsibility over labor relations, risk management, recruitment and selection, performance management, classification and compensation and training. Mike's career has been primarily devoted to the public sector.

John Dean Harper, Esq.

Mr. Harper is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree and a double major in Business Pre-Law and General Business. He is also a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, College of Law with a Juris Doctor. In addition to acting as Outside General Counsel for PPACE, Mr. Harper has a private law practice focusing primarily on corporate law, estate planning, labor/employment (public safety sector), personal injury and non-profit entities.

John Dean Harper, Esq.
8440 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 214
Las Vegas, NV 89128
O: 702-907-0615
F: 702-974-1061
C: 702-604-7038